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let your sweet voice keep my wolves in the dark

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The Dear Hunter - Life and Death

We all have hearts

We all have homes

But when we die

We die alone


Neko Case- I’m An Animal

yes, there are things that I’m still so afraid of, but my courage is roaring like the sound of the sun.

Album Review: Rufus Wainwright- Out of the Game



Review by: Sam “Music Encyclopedia” McIntosh, Class of 2016

I’ll admit, right off the bat, that I’ve been listening to Rufus Wainwright constantly, and this album is mostly to blame. 

KLCR Music: Album Review: Now, Now- Threads



Review By: Sam “Music Encyclopedia” McIntosh, Class of 2016

If you like Canadian acts like Metric and Tegan and Sara, you will love a band that hails from the not-too-far-away Minnesota, Now, Now. 

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Up In The Rafters || Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

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Hallelujah; Jeff Buckley

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This is my winter song

December never felt so wrong

‘Cause you’re not where you belong

Inside my arms.

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Lykke Li | Little Bit

Hands down, I’m too proud for love but with eyes shut, it’s you I’m thinking of.

I think I’m a little bit, little bit, a little bit in love with you but only if you’re a little bit, little bit, little bit in lalala love with me. 

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Patron Saint Hunter - Timber Timbre

Keep the family in
Keep the family sin
Daddy, lock the temple door